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Xstrata is a Swiss mining company.

The headquarters is located in the city of Zug, the capital of the eponymous canton of Switzerland. It was originally founded in Monterrey Nuevo Leon in 2011 with its registered office in Colima, Mexico. It has various branches throughout the country and international offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

At Xstrata, we strive to make direct investments in more productive projects that target the global market.

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In addition, Xstrata has a significant international reputation in a variety of industries where the company has the expertise and ability to provide equity capital in the short, medium and long term.

The company was originally formed as a dedicated support unit for an iron-copper-gold joint venture in Mexico. Subsequently, we were able to conclude a long-term contract with the leading companies: Bao Steel Group (China) and Tata Steel Group (India) for the total volume and sale of iron ore - 500,000 tons per month.


As with the joint venture partner, the Xstrata investment platform has evolved from a core mining activity to a full-fledged private equity firm that engages in long-term direct investments in targeted industries or specific strategic investments in the global market. ...

Projects in which the company has experience and can increase the market value of the inherent prospects.


Many years of experience of our directors and management team in investment banking, structured finance, technology auditing, supply chain management, planning and forecasting. project management and business development led by CEO Xstrata, Mick Davis, whose wholesale trade is unmatched and is the hallmark of our company.

Unique long-term participation in the global marketplace through our impeccable reputation, strategic planning, foresight, proactive design, due diligence matrix, integrated commercial and shareholder negotiations, and wholly owned specialized subsidiaries are the most important driving forces behind our investment success. ...

Global business

Xstrata is committed to creating, increasing and transforming the market value of its companies and management teams. Bridging global business cultures and driving innovation are key elements of the corporate philosophy that characterizes us in the global business community. Xstrata is a socially responsible company that makes a huge contribution to the conservation of nature and the environment.

Also, our company is a worthy example of human significance for all future generations, since it manages the bowels of our planet and ensures the Consumption of vital resources.

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Mick Davis

Mick Davis

Willy Strothotte

Willy Strothotte

Dr. Eleonora B.Ribaudo Deputy Director

Dr. Eleonora B.Ribaudo

Deputy Director