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generate superior returns

Our mission

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Xstrata mines zinc, copper and coal, as well as gold, silver and lead.

Mining is carried out in countries such as Chile, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Great Britain, etc. The company owns 19.8% of the shares of the Canadian mining company Falconbridge.The company has revenues in the first half of 2021 of $ 13.6 billion and net income of $ 8.9 billion

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Our mission is to safely bring our stakeholders high returns from the exploration, development and operation of mines.

As a non-hedged resource producer with a strong balance sheet and strong operating cash flow, Xstrata's financial strength, combined with its vast technical capabilities and a set of organic growth opportunities, ensures that the company is well positioned to deliver competitive returns to shareholders over the long term.

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At the turn of the millennium, we have grown from a small player to one of the largest diversified mining groups in the world through a series of acquisitions. In 2008, the degree of our transnationality according to the transnationality index was 93.2 percent and took first place. The company carries out major operations / projects in eight countries (Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Germany, Jamaica, New Caledonia, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, USA. and United Kingdom) indium, coking coal, thermal coal, nickel, ferrochrome, vanadium and zinc. Xstrata is equally involved in the production of aluminum, gold, lead and silver. It also holds a platinum stake through its 24.9% stake in Lonmin.

In July 2012, Xstrata opened its first office in mainland China. China accounts for up to one third of Xstrata's global sales. The office is located in Shanghai.

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We believe that our culture of collaboration is the key to our success as an investor. Xstrata managing directors have been working together for many years and investing in key industries. Our extensive team consists of experienced, highly qualified and dedicated professionals.

The value we give to people fosters honesty, respect, thinking, confidentiality, efficiency and effectiveness. With a focus on foreword and strategic problem solving, the Xstrata team works together to develop innovative approaches to investing, recognizing and adding value in challenging situations.

How We Are Working

We value

Caring about people

Keeping people safe and healthy and respecting our communities and the environment.

Integrity and honesty

Doing what we say we will do, and doing the right thing.

Working together

Having shared goals and helping one another to achieve them.

High Performance

Seeking high performance in ourselves and others.

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